Very few ministries serve men, and churches are challenged to reach men with limited budget. Men typically don’t ask for help. Isolation can lead to depression, addiction, divorce, financial troubles, job loss and loneliness.

At In His Grip, our response is clear:
• Bring these men to Christ by increasing their time in the Word.
• Provide a safe, caring community of like-minded men.

It's time to go forth.

Our impact during the last 15 years has been a reflection of His goodness. The more we grow, the more “big opportunities”
God provides us...and we need to be prepared to meet them!  Over the next three years In His Grips goal is to raise $1,500,000 to expand the impact on men whose lives are being transformed through Christ.


1. Praying for the ministry.
2. Support the mission by considering a financial partnership with In His Grip Golf.

Help Us Make an Impact for Future Generations.

Statistics show that if you reach the man then 93% of the time the family will follow. Reaching men, strengthens families, and makes a lasting impact on future generations.

In His Grip Ministries is a Non-Profit Organization.

Our financial integrity will ensure that your tax-deductible donations will be prayerfully invested to further the mission of In His Grip Golf to reach men with the life transforming message of Jesus Christ.

Play with Passion. Live with Purpose.

In His Grip Golf, a faith based organization, connects men in community through their passion for the game. We exist to encourage and equip men to place God first in life, family and business. 

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