Life Groups

"Not Your fathers bible study"

If you have wondered how to get relationships past the weather or the latest PGA standings, then consider our IHG Life Groups.
One of our most popular In His Grip offerings, Life Groups is an off-the-fairways source of encouragement and hope. Ten to thirty guys gather weekly at a local golf club to talk, laugh, study and pray. Typically (but not always), the men play at that course, so friendships are forged from the first tee to the clubhouse.
"Not Your father's Bible study"
The format of our Life Groups is an hour or so to GRIP scriptures from the Bible. GRIP is an acronym and a dynamic way for the Word to come alive:

G.R.I.P. Strategy

G – God's Word: we write out a verse and read it aloud from different translations. We put it in context.
– Reveal: we discover what men see in the scripture; what is revealed to them personally
I – Implement: this is where it becomes personal and practical. What is God asking us to do?
P – Pray: we create space to dialogue with God regarding what He has prompted
Come join these lively discussions if you're exploring what being a Jesus follower is all about…or perhaps have been close to Him for many years. Either way, you will be inspired and encouraged. And if your schedule allows, stay and play 9 or 18 holes; frequently the Life Group topics continue while on the links.
Talk to any of the guys who enjoy these small groups and they will attest that they have connected with their buddies at a more meaningful level on and off the course, and continue to benefit from a common bond of refreshment and support. To find out more about In His Grip Life Groups read through the overview below.
Note: Interested in becoming a Life Group discussion leader? Click here to find out more about the responsibilities and qualifications, as well as an interest form. Got questions? Please use our Contact Us page.