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In His Grip Golf

Today's men long for authentic relationships with other men. Many are on an island, struggling to find real community. As men ourselves, we understand how lonely guys can be even though they're surrounded by other men at work or other venues. It's frustrating and discouraging.

In His Grip helps men build meaningful relationships solidly rooted in two things: God and golf.

For men who love golf, In His Grip offers Life Groups, golf events, golf leagues, retreats and other activities. All of them are safe spaces to explore what a relationship with Christ is like, or deepen a man's faith.

A message from the Founder.

Founder and President, Scott Lehman, describes the heart of In His Grip.

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"What I gain most from the In His Grip Life Group on Wednesday mornings is perspective.  Men of all ages, walks of life and religious backgrounds come together to hear God's word.  We explore what the words mean at the heart level, apply that instruction more directly in our lives, and then close out the morning by praying over a brother in Christ who may be in need of encouragement."

- Chuck Abbot, CEO TN GrayLines

"Men are so often forgotten in our modern church life and frequently, when programs need to be cut, it is men's programs that first feel the bite. However, nothing is more important to our world than godly men and IHG provides not only the opportunity for men to hear the Gospel message of Jesus' love and sacrifice for us, but also the opportunity for fellowship and play through the game of golf."

- Bob Jones IV

"What In His Grip has created has giving me a vital and what was a missing part of my morning routine AND a safe place to be open and honest with my struggles, challenges and doubts."

- Bruce Pulver


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Join a Life Group (small communities of Bible study) at a local golf course. 
If you're in the Nashville area, play alongside hundreds of other like-minded guys in our many events this year.